What Is an Open Coil or Standard Sprung Mattress?

An open coil or standard sprung mattress is a common and traditional type with interconnected coil springs. These coiled springs collectively provide support and distribute weight evenly across the surface. Often found in various models, including the open-sprung memory foam mattress, they offer a budget-friendly option for those seeking essential comfort. Open coil mattresses, sometimes called open coil spring mattresses, can vary in firmness and are typically more affordable than pocket spring mattresses. Understanding the meaning of the open coil mattress helps consumers make informed decisions, especially when comparing open coil vs pocket sprung options.

What is an Open Coil Mattress?

An open coil mattress, a standard sprung mattress, is built with interlinked coil springs. These coils work cohesively to support the entire mattress surface, ensuring consistent weight distribution. This type of mattress is often called an open coil spring or open sprung mattress and represents one of the most traditional mattress construction methods. Understanding the meaning of an open coil mattress is crucial when evaluating options like an open coil vs. a pocket sprung mattress.

10 Benefits of Open Coil Mattresses

Here are 10 Benefits of Open Coil Mattresses


One of the primary benefits of an open coil mattress is its affordability. Compared to a pocket sprung mattress, an open coil mattress is generally more budget-friendly, making it accessible to many consumers. This cost-effectiveness allows individuals to find a quality mattress without breaking the bank.

Lightweight Construction

Open coil mattresses are lighter than other options, such as the pocket spring mattress. This makes them easier to move and adjust, whether you're flipping the mattress to extend its life or relocating it within your home. Their lightweight nature is particularly advantageous for individuals living in smaller spaces.


Despite being affordable, open coil mattresses are remarkably durable. The interconnected coil spring design provides robust support for years of use, making them a prudent investment for those seeking a long-lasting mattress without the high price tag often associated with premium spring mattress options.

Solid Support

An open coil mattress offers solid support thanks to its spiral spring structure. The interconnected coils ensure an even weight distribution across the sleeping surface. This construction is beneficial for maintaining proper spinal alignment, which is essential for overall health and well-being.

Variety of Firmness Levels

Open coil mattresses are available in various firmness levels, catering to different sleeping preferences. Whether you prefer a softer open-sprung memory foam mattress or a firmer open-spring mattress, the versatility allows you to find the perfect coil mattress for your needs.

Wide Availability

Open coil mattresses are widely available from high-end retailers to budget-friendly stores like Dunelm. This widespread availability makes it easy to find an open coil spring mattress that fits your budget and preferences, whether you're seeking a single or larger mattress.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining an open coil mattress is straightforward. Their open design promotes better air circulation, reducing the risk of moisture buildup and mildew. This ease of maintenance ensures that your mattress remains hygienic and comfortable over years of use.

Ideal for Guest Rooms

Due to their affordability and versatility, open coil mattresses are perfect for guest rooms. They provide adequate comfort and support for short-term use, offering a practical solution for accommodating visitors without investing in a more expensive pocket-sprung mattress.

Adaptable to Various Bed Frames

Open coil mattresses are compatible with various bed frames, including platform beds, traditional box springs, and adjustable frames. This adaptability makes them versatile for different bedroom setups, ensuring you find the right fit for your coil spring mattress.

Immediate Availability

Open coil mattresses are often available for immediate purchase and delivery at local mattress stores and online retailers like Coil Springs Direct. This immediacy allows you to upgrade your sleeping environment without the long wait times that sometimes come with speciality pocket spring mattresses.

Is a Standard Sprung Mattress Right for Me?

Choosing a standard sprung mattress depends on various factors such as budget, comfort preference, and specific support needs. A standard sprung mattress like a coil spring mattress can be ideal for those seeking an economical option without compromising on essential comfort and durability. They are particularly beneficial for guest rooms, children's rooms, or temporary sleeping arrangements. However, a pocket spring mattress or a specialized system like the Miracoil or Posturepedic may be more appropriate for those needing more advanced support.

Open Coil vs Pocket Sprung

Several critical differences come into focus when comparing open coil vs pocket sprung mattresses. Open coil mattresses feature interconnected coil springs, which offer consistent support but may result in motion transfer. On the other hand, pocket-sprung mattresses contain individually wrapped springs, which minimize motion transfer and adapt more precisely to individual body contours. Pocket-sprung mattresses are often considered more luxurious and expensive due to the complexity of their construction.

Standard Sprung Mattresses: Best Sellers

Several popular models in the market exemplify the standard sprung mattress. The Dunelm single mattress offers a range of open coil options that are both affordable and comfortable. Silentnight's Miracoil range and Sealy's Posturepedic models also stand out for their innovative takes on traditional coil spring technology. Retailers like Coil Springs Direct provide various choices, ensuring an open coil mattress suited to every need and budget.


In summary, open coil or standard sprung mattresses remain popular for many due to their affordability, durability, and ease of maintenance. Their interconnected coil spring design provides consistent support and weight distribution, making them a practical option for various sleeping arrangements, including guest rooms and children's bedrooms.

While they may need more advanced support from pocket-sprung alternatives, their wide availability and budget-friendly nature make them an excellent choice for those seeking essential comfort without breaking the bank. Understanding the benefits and limitations of open-coil mattresses helps consumers make informed decisions tailored to their needs and preferences.

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