Can I sleep comfortably using a divan bed?

Can you sleep comfortably in a divan bed? Of course! Divan beds are perfect for comfort and support, known as comfortable beds for a good night's sleep. With a sturdy base and integrated storage, they provide a solid foundation for your mattress and help keep your bedroom organized. 

As you will learn about the divan bed today, most people are happy that the divan base is a better foundation for improving sleep and their mattress. Whether you are using it to solve your back problems or need a better and more comfortable bed for nights, let's know more about Divan bed.

What is a Divan Bed?

A divan bed combines a specially designed base and a matching mattress. The base, which should also be made of a wooden frame, is solid and can last many years. It is enshrouded in fabric for a neater and classy appearance. While a distinctive element of a divan bed, the under-bed storage facility drawer is ideal for storing linens, towels, and other items. 

Most divan storage beds are on wheels, making them easy to move when cleaning or rearranging furniture. A divan bed can be obtained in different sizes; therefore, it can be placed in almost any room, whether a guest room or the main bedroom.

Does a Divan Bed Come with a Mattress?

Some divan beds have the mattress incorporated in the costs and are classified as divan bed sets. These sets have a divan base and a mattress to give customers comfortable sleep. Depending on the material of the divan bed set, one can choose from many types of mattresses, such as iGel, memory foam, and orthopedic mattresses, among others, which are suited to any sleeping posture and any need that one might have. 

Choosing the firmness rating based on the support required while sleeping is also possible. This is true if you are still determining which mattress will suit you better; in this case, here is a guide on buying the right mattress. This is possible with the proper divan bed set that matches comfort and support for a good night’s sleep.

Types of Divan Bed Bases

Divans beds are produced with different support pieces that complement your mattress to impact support and firmness levels. There are two main support options for your divan debs: 

Platform Top Divan Base

Thus, a platform top divan base has a wooden frame and a solid panel at the top of the construction. It offers firm support and lays the foundation of a good bed by making it firm to hold your mattress. Another option is the mattress's particular firmness; in this case, the platform top divan base will fit you best. This ensures that your mattress offers the needed support and has a longer life expectancy without deteriorating functionality. If you would like more advice about beds, visit our website.

Sprung Divan Base

A sprung divan base comes with a more comfortable unit, although it will utterly depend on the firmness of your mattress. This base type is preferable if, for instance, you want a softer and gently depressed level of comfort. Springs in the base are deployed to reduce motion transfer and improve comfort, adjusting to the user's body shape and movements. Choosing the suitable divan base depends on your comfort preference and support needs.

Pros & Cons of Divan Beds


Space-Saving Storage: This particular type of bed generally includes storage drawers which are integrated into the structure and make it possible to maintain order in the room. It can be used for storing linen, towels, seasonal clothing and other similar items; thus unifying the usage of space.

Customizable Comfort: It is adjustable and can be made in the form of a divan bed with various types of foundations and including platform tops and sprung bases and depending on the type of base that is used the furniture can be easily customized with regards to the firmness level that you require.

Durability: Different divan beds are made of strong wooden frames and are well built making them durable and strong to ensure that they will not betray the expectations of their users by getting degraded within a short period of time.

Variety of Sizes: All divan beds are available in standard sizes including single, double, king-size and super king-size hence can suit almost any room in the house for guests or masters bedrooms.

Stylish Design: Made of fabric and, thus, teaming with different colours as well as patterns, divan beds have a modern and stylish design that will nicely fit any interior design of a bedroom.


Limited Aesthetic Options: Although divan beds look great, their provided design can be somewhat restricted as compared to conventional bed frames, thus fitting your interior design.

Weight: A divan bed, particularly one with drawers incorporated into it, is not easy to transfer from one location to another because several pieces may be extremely heavy; nonetheless this could be a disadvantage if you appreciate changing the position of furniture frequently.

Cost: Indeed, additional features and high-quality construction of divan beds can be made so that they are more costly than other types of beds. Also accessibility may not be fitting to everyone’s pocket.

Does My Divan Bed Come with a Mattress?

Customers should ensure they know whether a divan bed they are buying comes with a mattress. Out of these, some divan beds are sold as the complete divan bed set that comprises both the divan bed base and the mattress. This set provides convenience and compatibility to ensure that sleep is comfortable. 

Speaking of the divan beds, it is essential to know that not all are sold along with a mattress. Just the base means you'll have to buy the mattress separately if you still need to include this product in the set. Check the product's label, or consult the store staff to get the right product that will give you a comfortable sleep at night.

What are the different types of divan bed bases with storage?

Divan bed bases offer a wide variety of storage configurations suitable for any bedroom size:

Divan Bed Bases with 2 Drawers

Single and small double divan frames often come with two drawers. Depending on your chosen model, the drawers are usually positioned on either side of the bed.

Divan Bed Bases with 4 Drawers

Double, king and super king divan bed bases can accommodate four drawers, with two on each side. These are perfect for spacious bedrooms needing extra storage.

Divan Beds with Ottoman Storage

Ottoman divan beds provide extensive storage and are accessible from either the side or foot end. They feature divan drawers in configurations of two or four and are available in multiple sizes. The easy-lift mechanism ensures the storage stays hidden when not in use.


In conclusion, a divan bed is an excellent option for those seeking comfort, support, and practicality. Its sturdy base and customizable options ensure a good night’s sleep. The built-in storage helps keep your bedroom tidy and organized. Choosing a divan bed set with an appropriate mattress guarantees enhanced sleep quality tailored to your needs. 

Despite a few limitations, the benefits of durability, various sizes, and stylish designs make divan beds a popular choice. Whether for a guest room or main bedroom, a divan bed is a worthwhile investment for better sleep and an organized space.